Derby matches always give many emotions. There was no difference in the match between teams from Scandinavia. Everything indicated a fierce struggle full of sweat and tears, but Denmark from the beginning of the meeting showed her dominance over her neighbours from Sweden and already won the second match in the group B.

The first half of the match was very nervous for the Swedes. They made very easy mistakes in the attack and because of that Denmark built a two-goal dominance since the 10th minute. The girls from the country of the Three Crowns tried to score a goal to draw a few times but it was difficult for them. Anna Kristensen Danish goalkeeper was amazing. She defended several throws from positional attack and quick counter-attacks. In addition, her friends in the attack used every opportunity to score a goal. The first half was won by the girls from Jutland Peninsula (12:16.)

The second part of the match was the total domination of Denmark. The goalkeeper Anna Kristensen, who even scored the goal, was still the strongest. The Swedes were doing everything to win. The coach Niklas Harris tried different variants of the game, changed the goalkeeper several times, but it did not help. Denmark’s national team showed that this match belongs to her and she achieved the triumph.


SWEDEN – DENMARK  23 : 32  (12 : 16)

SWEDEN: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm 3, Cardell 1, Moreno 2, Wahlstrom 1, Wallenberg 1, Sandberg 1, Dahlstrom 3, Jarvin, Dano 8, Sjostrand Hallman 1, Schelin, Andersson 2, Dahlberg.


DENMARK: Askvist, Kristensen 1, Jensen – Gamys 1, Hedegaard 5, Klostermann, Theil, Frokjaer-Jensen, Steffensen 4, Laursen 1, Moller 7, Hansen C. 1, Wierzba 5, Faartoft 5, Hansen A. 1, Halilcevic 1.




Flemming Larsen, head coach of Denmark – We were very concentrated, had a team spirit. We had sixteen players in good shape. All the girls were amazing!  The players scored goals from every position and because of that, we won. I’m very happy that my team played a fantastic match.


Karolina Zielonka