Second win for representation of France which defeated Tunisia 12:27.

The duel of Tunisia and France began Wednesday’s struggle at the Politechnika Hall.

The meeting was started better by players from France. Tunisians tried to save the situation and changed defense system many times, played in a very aggressive and high system 3:3 and also traditional one 6:0.  However, it did not help much, because in the whole first half they scored only six goals while losing fifteen.

At the beginning of the second part France scored three goals in a row and that was a strong hit. Tunisia threw first goal after eight minutes. Next minutes didn’t change much. France controlled the fields events and didn’t let their opponents to show their abilities. Thanks to this, they deservedly won the meeting.

Tunisia – France 12:27 (6:15)

Tunisia: Naoui, Mkadem, Reguigui – Mhadhbi 1, Maaref, Eloui, Aouij 9, Yaccoub 1, Chabbi, Bouchalghouma, Zalfani, Arifa, Chandarli 1, Masri, Ayachi, Azri

France: Portes, Andre – Peillon 4, Leblevec 2, Mairot 2, Louis 3, Di Rocco 3, Lasm 2, Wajoka 2, Pora, Mo0re, Outtara 2, Jarrige 3, Dembele 3, Foppa, Jacques 1

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Laurent Puigsegur (head coach of France): It was a good match. Whole team has played well, as a coach I’m glad that i know that every player from my time represents highlevel of handball.  I’m really satisfied with the goalkeeper’s attitude. Now we have a rest day but after we have to face Korea and Spain. That will be real test for us because we don’t know much about Korea. We didn’t play against them. Although we know Spain, it won’t be easy case, because they are really good team. If we want to be first in our group we have to win. I have very talented handballers in my team, but for now I want to focuse on improving concentration.

Yessine Arfa (director of Tunisia): Two hard matches are behind us. We lost but today the team spirit is better. We are ready to start the tournament. Those games we lost can help us prepare for next challenges.