Tremendous emotion at the end of the day. After two goals in last minute of the match Montenegro and Spain drew.

At the end of the day in the Politechnika Hall there was a very interesting and promising match between Montenegro and Spain. From the beginning the game was fierce and both teams were doing great job in defence. Montenegro players caught the right rhythm of the game faster than their opponents and Spanish coach had to ask for time-out in the 21 minute, when Montenegro went out on a three-goal lead. The goalkeepers of both teams performed very well, so it was not surprising that in the first half the gathered fans saw only seventeen goals.

In the second part of the game Montenegro had huge problems with scoring. Spaniards took advantage of it and lead to a draw. In 39 minute of the match, playing with number 7 in the representation of Montenegro – Milica Globarević received a red card for a foul. Moment later Spanish players got a chance to lead but they didn’t succeed even that they had a double advantage.

It is said that the unused situations are vengeful and so were this time. Montenegro scored three goals in a row and again Spaniards coach had to ask for time-out. It was a good decision, because later on we got a draw and this kind of situation foreshowed an exciting ending.

The last minutes were so exciting, the rhythm of the game was goal for the goal. One minute before the end we had a draw, Spain got the ball and were attacking the Montenegro’s goal area. This action gave them penalty shot. Janna Sobrepera Casol got the ball and scored a goal! However Montenegro, which had a few seconds to the end, responded effectively and the match ended with a division of points!

Montenegro – Espana 18:18 (10:7)

Montenegro: Babović 1, Pandurević – Hetemi, Beharović, Bozović 3, Radović 2, Globarević, Popović, Djukić, Corović, Godec 1, Dzaferović Ka. 3, Vukcević 5, Raicević 2, Dzaferović Ks, Knezević 1

Espana: Suarez Martinez-Gandia, Wiggins – Palomo 4, Fernandez-Agusti, Sobrepera 6, Spugnini, Vallina, Morales Rodriguez 3, Martinez, Moles 2, Mendez, Arcos 1, Diaz Ventas, Capdevilla 1, Loidi 1, Quevedo.

Wojciech Staniec fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Bojana Popović (head coach of Montenegro): It’s is a draw but it feels like a win because we had problems and  were down but we fight to the end. Girls did something for themselves and for the country. I am sure that today young handballers built confidence.Now we think about next game.

Alfredo Rodriguez (head coach of Spain): It was a great game of two great teams. Montenegro and us fought till the end. Unfortunately it was a draw. We scored eighteen goals – this is a great result but I think that we need to improve that. So far it was our the best match in the tournament. I’m sure that in our group there will be many interesting matches. France, Korea, Spain and Montenegro are on similar level and that’s why these teams will play great matches. We are happy that famous handball stars like Julen Aginagalde, Angel Fernandez Perez, Alex and Talant Dujshebaev supported us from the stands.