In Kielce city hall president of the city Wojciech Lubawski hosted members of IHF Executive Committee Frantisek Taborsky and Narcisa Lecusanu and also the president of Polish  Handball Federation – Andrzej Kraśnicki, rector of Kielce University of Technology – Wiesław Trąmpczyński and the ambassador of IHF Youth U18 Women’s World Championship – Sławomir Szmal.

Representatives of the local press were also present. Main topic of the meeting was the tournament that was inaugurated  the 7th August in the capital city of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. President Kraśnicki reminded that Poland received the rights to organize the tournament in 2015 during the IHF Congress in Sochi.

– We are very glad that in 2023 Poland together with Sweden will host Men’s World Championship. Such an event has to be preceded by a test. That’s why we’re organizing a junior tournament now. Initially, we planned to conduct an event in Kielce and Płock. After suggestions from the IHF, we decided to choose one city, where handball has a strong position for years. The choice fell on Kielce. The beginning of the championship is very optimistic. I hope that organizational success will be continued. Our team has a chance for a good result. We will be happy if we qualify to the next round – said president of Polish  Handball Federation

Rector of Kielce University of Technology emphasized that that was the first international event hosted by the university hall. The building was built with own resources. The distance between the Politechnika Hall and the other facility where the tournament matches are played, the Legionów Hall , is about 4 km. This guarantees comfortable movement of all who are interested in watching matches in both halls at the same day. Also the convenient distance from the hotel base to the tournament arenas makes the integration between the participants easier. Frantisek Taborsky drew attention to this location, which has direct effects on the economic side of the event. In his opinion, an event of this rank is much easier to promote in one city.

Sławomir Szmal – titled goalkeeper – confirmed that after the opening day he heard only positive opinions about the tournament. He always wanted to promote handball. Now, as an Ambassador, he has a convenient opportunity. Narcisa Lecusanu is a silver medalist from World Championship 2005. Romanian handballer is in Kielce for the first time, but in her career as a player she played in Poland many times. – I want to thank you to the Organizators for great preparation of the event. I know that this wasn’t an easy task so I i want to acknowledgment my admiration to polish authorities and handball federation.