Second day of the tournament will be much less intensive than the first one. Teams of groups A and C have a break, so on Wednesdey we will have only six matches at all. They will start at 16:00 in both arenas simultaneously.


The contest in Hall Legionów will be opened by the team, who probably impressed the audience the most yesterday. The Danes, who highly defeated Croatians 28:21, today will play against Sweden. At 18:00, Chile and Hungary will appear on the field – two teams that could be happy about their victories yesterday. In the last duel we will see Croatia and Egypt, that on Tuesday lost against Chile. Girls from Northern Africa will stand on court in the last session again and maybe this time it will have better effects than yesterday.


16:00 SWE-DEN

18:00 CHI-HUN

20:00 CRO-EGY



Teams, that had on their account one victory will face representations which lost their games – that’s the short version on Wednesday events in Politechnika Hall. In the first match Tunisia play against France. Les Bleus won their opening game when Tunisia significantly lost with South Korea. Two hours later on the field appear representatives of Kazakhstan and Korea. The first team showed ambition during their game against Spain but eventually lost and now their situation is tough. Efficiency – that is the thing that Montenegro have to improve because on Tuesday they scored only 16 goals. However, this task will be very difficult as Spain is going to be their rival.


16:00 TUN-FRA

18:00 KAZ-KOR

20:00 MNE-ESP


Hall Legionów – ul. Leszka Drogosza 2, 25-093 Kielce

Hall Politechnika – al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7, 25-314 Kielce