In the last match of the third day of the championship in the Hall Legionów, the Germans highly defeated Angola, although the first half did not annunciate it at all. After thirty minutes, the scoreboard showed a 13:12 result for the Germans, but in the second part of the game, Maika Nowak’s players scored nine goals in a row, which determined their victory.

ANGOLA – GERMANY 19:28 (12:13)

A very emotional and balanced first half were shown by both teams to the fans that could admire powerful throws from the second line and brave entries into the zone. The rivalry took an equal course and the teams were not able to earn a bigger advantage over their rivals. At the end of the first half there were a lot of mistakes. Both the Angolans and Germans were shooting at the bars, loosing the ball, like they were already thinking about the break. The goalkeepers of both teams, Charley Zenner and Paulina Da Silva also had their moments and kept the score close to the draw. After thirty minutes the Germans were going to the locker room with a one-goal advantage of 13:12.

It took the Germans ten minutes to drive four goals forward. At 19:15, Angola’s coach asked for a time. It didn’t help at all, because the Germans scored four goals in a row, after which it was 23:15. Only seven minutes remained until the end, so it was clear that the fate of the match would not change and that the Germans won their second match of the tournament 28:19.

ANGOLA: Frederico, Da Silva – Sucacuexe, Esteves 1, Kiala 5, Monteiro, Masseu 3, Castro, Tchitongua 2, Coio 1, Gabriel 3, Sebastiao 2, Ferreira, Rosario 2, Mateus

GERMANY: Zenner, Waldenmaier – Uhlmann, Hausherr 6, Kockel 4, Weise 4, Andreas 1, Muehlner, Quist, Von Pereira 7, Agwunedu, Wulf, Neubrander 3, Golla, Michalczik 1, Bleckmann 2

Danilo Gagliard Junior, coach of Angola: We did a really first half, that’s true. But, unfortunately, we lost the consistency you need to play against Europen champion. You lose it once, score is like this. We belive Poland is a very good team, we are surprise by the level they played against us, but Germany is the European champion and one of the favourites here. So I reckon, they are a little bit higher. First of all we want here to develop our players, so it is very important for us to be here. WE still belive we can paly good matches agains Slovakia, Austria and Romania. We still believe we can be in the second stage of the tournament.

Zuzana Porvaznikova, assistant coach of Germany: We started very nervously and we were making lot of mistakes. In the course of time we improved our play and in the end we won with a huge advantage. Against our next opponent however, Slovakia, we must play much better. After the first half it costed us a lot of effort to work out such a score. We have two hours less than our next opponent to regenerate, but I don’t think it will matter tomorrow.