Players coached by Laurent Puiqseur won third time during the Championship. This time they beat Spain 29:25.

Both teams were a little bit of chaotic at the beginning of the game, but players quickly mastered the nerves and the match got really even. Around in 20  minute of the duel, the advantage leaned towards the Les Blues.The Spaniards particularly had troubles with tough French defense – scoring every goal required putting much effort.

The French needed only minutes to work out a five-goal lead. Their rivals, however, didn’t intend to give up, they managed to reduce the loss to two goals but they didn’t achieve the draw. After a moment the representatives of France jumped back again.

Second half  was started much better by the Spanish team – in eight minutes they scored five goals, while their opponents managed to score only one. The effect? On the scoreboard appeared a draw again and the fight became even more fierce.

However the French proved again that they can survive through difficult moments –

this time they quickly got to work and after a while they were leading by three goals. This time Spanish players didn’t put the gap down and ultimately lost 25:29.

FRANCE – SPAIN 29:25 (15:11)

France: Portes, Andre – Peillon 5, Leblevec 1, Mairot 2, Louis, Di Rocco 1, Lasm 4, Wajoka 3, Pora, Moore, Uuattara, Jarrige 1, Dembele 3, Foffa 7, Jacques 2

Spain: Suarez Martinez-Gandia, Wiggings – Palomo, Fernandez-Agusti 3, Sobrepera 7, Spugnini 2, Vallina 1, Morales 2, Martinez 1, Moles 2, Mendez 2, Arcos 1, Diaz 1, Capdevilla 1, Loidi 1, Quevedo 1


Laurent Puiqseur, head coach of France: Spain is a great team. They can play well on every position, it’s very difficult to play against them. I’m very glad that we won. Now we are sure that we will be in the next round. Decisive fight for the first place in group D will be I think duel with Korea.

Alfredo Rodriguez Alvarez, head coach of Spain: Despite the fact that we lost I’m very proud of my team because we fought. I hope that in next matches it will be better and we develop our handball style.

Aneta Szypnicka, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP