Norwegian handballers started this game after two high wins on their account, when Argentina have lost two times. The favorites didn’t disappoint and in the third match they also beat their opponents (39:12).

The Scandinavian quickly took the lead and increased it gradually.  Argentines had huge problems in the attack – even when they managed to work out a convenient throw situation, they just missed. However, they had a very difficult task, because Eli Skogrand, playing between the posts of the Norwegian goal, performed a great match and had a very high percentage of defenses.

Rosario Garrido was also doing well in Argentina’s goal, but her field mates couldn’t use her effective parades and wasted counterattacks. After thirty minutes, the Norwegians had fourteen goals

In the second part of the game advantage of Norwegian players grew really fast.

For a quarter Argentines managed to throw only two goals, while the Norwegians had many fastbreakes.In the end, Jo Knut Ove’s girls  won 39:12.

NORWAY – ARGENTINA 39:12 (20:6)

Norway: Skogrand, Finneide – Oyerhamn 3, Hove 8, Kjolholdt 7, Svele 1, Deila T. 1, Deila L. 2, Eiriksson 3, Figenschau 1, Morch 2, Novak 1, Moen 3, Hansen 3, Sendi 1, Arnesen 3

Argentina: Bohner, Garrido – Prado 1, Viviers 1, Bono 2, Cavo 4, Rios, Rivero, Peletay Ritacco, Villarrazza, Irribarria 2, Vazquez,  Azucne, Ballada 1, Baggio, Cuccuini 1


Knut Ove Joa, head coach of Norway: I’m pleased with  player’s discipline in the defence. We played both defence system 6:0 and 3:2:1 so we had good opportunity to learn.

Giselle Pintos, head coach of Argentina: We know the class of our opponent, Norway played a great game. I’m sure we’ll get a lesson out of it.

Aneta Szypnicka, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP