No one can defeat Russia, they won their third game! This time with Japan 31:17

The Russian team started the game very well, they threw six goals in the first six minutes. They physical conditions dominated over rivals. This was seen especially in the defense,  where the Japanese couldn’t overcome Russian block and had problems with scoring goals. The Russians calmly built their advantage, although over time players from Asia started to score regularly. Eventually, the first half ended with Russia leading 17: 8.

During the second half Russia only increased their advantage. After 15 minutes it was 13 goals! Despite the fact that Japan fought bravely, the result didn’t change. For Russia it is third high win during the tournament. Handballers from Japan have two points on their account.

RUSSIA – JAPAN 31:17 (17:8)

RUSSIA: Vereshchak, Karabutova – Cherniaeva 2, Mikhaylichenko 3, Sheina, Sinelnikova 2, Krakhmaleva, Torusina 3, Skivko 6, Maslova 1, Sidnina 3, Kirdiahseva 3, Levchina 1, Mukhina 5, Smirnova 1

JAPAN: Chiba, Kakizoe – Tsujino 2, Abe 1, Ito 5, Hattori 1, Yasuda, Okada 4, Nukimizu, Hirano 1, Tanifuji 1, Kurebay, Emoto, Ujimura 2, Moriya, Ueda

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Tatiana Berezniak (second coach of Russia): Beginning of the match is always important because if we start well like we did today girls have better mood. The energy is also better and thanks to that we play better. Two of our right back players got injured today , but we still don’t know how serious the injuries are.