It was crucial game for both teams to advance to the eight-finals of the IHF Youth U18 Women’s World Championship. Leading changed sides many times but eventually the team from Tunisia could enjoyed the victory (31:27).

The weight of the match was visible from the first whistle. The beginning of the duel was really even, both teams fought very hard and didn’t give up for a moment. Advantage was achieved by Montenegro (11:7) after Bozović scored penalty goal. However, Tunisians weren’t dominated and quickly put the gap down. Their rivals helped them with that because they made lots of mistakes. Before the break players from Africa, managed to get a one goal  lead, which immediately increased after leaving the dressing-room.

Their big problem were injuries.  The medical staff had to intervened many times, 15 minutes  before the end of the game menacing-looking injury got Tunisia goalkeeper and professional medical help was needed.After ten minutes of the second half they already had five goals more and were able to control the match calmly.

This, however, didn’t negatively affect the Tunisia game, which managed to win the victory and thus the promotion to 1/8.


Bojana Popović, head coach of Montenegro: It’s hard to say now what went wrong with all the emotions going on. I think that we did many mistakes and missed chances to score especially from the wings.

Yessine Arfa, director of Tunisia: Players did their best. We are very happy because now we know that we are already in eighth-final.  On Monday we will face Spain and it will be match for third place in our group. It’s really important for us, no one said that we got this position, but the fact that we will fight for this mean a lot to us. It’s huge challenge for us and we are aware that challenges are essential in sport. We will continue to play with motivation to win. Now we also have to wait to know how major are goalkeepers’s injuries.

MONTENEGRO – TUNISIA 12:13 (27:31)

Montenegro: Babović, Pandurević – Hetemi, Beharović 1, Bozović 6, Radović 1, Globarević, Popović, Djukić 3, Corović 5, Godec 2, Dzaferović 2, Vukcevic, Raicevic, Knezevic

Tunisia: Mkadem, Naoui – Mhadhbi 1, Maaref, Eloui, Aouij 10, Yaacoub 2, Chabbi 1, Bouchal 5, Reguigui, Zalfani 4, Arifa, Chandarli 1, Masri 1, Ayachi, Azri 6

Aneta Szypnicka, photo credit: PRESS FOCUS/ZPRP