Saturday’s match between Denmark and Chile was very important for both teams. The Scandinavian girls’ thanks to the victory could get closer to taking first place in Group B, while Chileans were fighting to keep the chances for further play in the tournament. The task for this match was made by girls from Scandinavia, defeating Chile 28:16.

The match for the first minutes was the close run thing. Denmark made very easy mistakes in the attack, they were playing inaccurate, thanks to which the Chileans could keep up with them. In the 8th minutes, they even went for a two-goal lead. Denmark saw the unfavourable state of the match and started to chase the result. In the 15th minute, the Scandinavian girls woke up from weakness and after the throws of Christina Hansen and Anna Wierzba on the board, there was a score of 7: 5. Then it seemed that Denmark had the match under control but again they started making very easy mistakes. They hit the crossbar or goalkeeper of Chile – Madeleine Cortez. The result of the first half was fixed by Emilie Steffensen, who fooled the defences of Chile and scored the twelfth goal for her team.

The second half was total domination of Denmark. They worked out a very high lead, which they maintained until the end of the match. Chileans have tried to compensate for the losses. They played very nervously and aggressively. Also, they had problems in the attack. The girls from Scandinavia were doing very well on the defensive and were reading every move of the opponent. If Chile managed to break through the “Danish wall” they can not score a goal. After an hour of play, Denmark could enjoy the next step on the way to the first place in Group B.


DENMARK-CHILE  28:16 (12:8) 

DENMARK:  Askvist, Kristensen, Jensen – Gamys 1, Hedegaard 1, Klostermann 1, Theil , Frokjaer-Jensen 1, Steffensen 4, Laursen 1, Moller 1, Hansen C. 4, Wierzba 5, Faartoft 3, Hansen A. 3, Halilcevic 3 .

CHILE: Cortez, Andrade – Parra 2, Baumann, Alvarez 2, Sepulveda V. 1, Araya 4, Sepulveda C., Alarcon, Rebolledo 2, Gomez 2, Ramirez, Pacheco 2, Diaz, Gajardo, Yarelli.



Flemming Dam Larsen, head coach of Denmark: We played a match against the team whom we had been never played with us. This representation play in a different style. We had to learn for sixty minutes, how played against this opponent. Today all the team was fantastic, no only one player. It was a difficult game because we had to stay in defence, defence and defence. But we are satisfied by the victory and we will prepare for the match against Hungary.


Karolina Zielonka