The match between Egypt and Hungary was valuable only for the team from Europe because the team from above the Nile has little chance of further play in the championship. For Magyars, this match was at the premium. Thanks to the triumph 24:36 they are still in the game for first place in group B.

From the first minutes, the Hungarian team showed their abilities and domination on the pitch. They played consistently in the attack. They could score a goal from every action. Anna Albek threw goals from distance and Tamara Pal surprised the Egyptian goalkeeper with a throw from the ground. An additional advantage of Magyars was the goalkeeper – Noemi Magera, who was in great shape. Thanks to her interventions, the Hungarians could play fast counterattacks, which in the first half were over ten! Egypt tried to stop the speeding “Hungarian machine”, but they made a huge amount of unnecessary and easy mistakes. After the first half, the European women were leading 8:21.

The second thirty minutes were under the dictation of Hungary. They still stood firmly in defence, so that after a while, how much strength in their legs, were rushing to the goal of Egypt and throwing a goal. Fast counterattacks proved to be their strongest side in this match. The Egyptians did their best, played extremely sacrificially. They left a heart on the pitch, but it was not enough to beat the team of Beata Bohus. The match ended with a big win Magyars.


EGYPT-HUNGARY  24:36 (8:21) 

EGYPT: Usama Abdelfatah Elshazly, Osama Ebeid Abdalla – Kassem Ibrahem Kassem, Ahmed Moussa Elshawarby, Refat Kamal Refaie 1, Tarek Morsy Khedr 3, Hany Mahmoud Mabrouk 3, Mohamed Rady Ahmed 3, Salah Elsayed Hassanein, Haitham Hammad Zaiki 4, Abdelrazek Ali Eid Ali 3, Emadaldien Mohamed Mahmoud 1, Mamdou Mohamed Mahmoud 4, Mohamed Gouda Wahdan 1, Khaled Fathy Ahmed 1.

HUNGARY: Magera, Herczeg, Szabo – Albek 4, Schatzl 2, Simon 2, Vamos 2, Varga 2, Kellermann 1, Arany , Pal 6, Kuczora 2, Szilovics 2, Borgyos 5, Banfai 8, Toth .



Peter Dr. Woth, second coach of Hungary: It wasn’t so easy match for us. Okay, we played a pretty good first half, but second? No comment. Now match against Denmark ahead of us. I hope it will be a super game, we hope to win. We don’t think about the next stage yet. We want to be first in the group

Karolina Zielonka