From an early age, each of us has got somebody, who really likes, looks with admiration at and want to be like this person in the future. The girls from the Polish national team have got their idols as well. Many of them point to Nora Mork, Kinga Achruk or Tess Wester. But in this unique group of authorities is also the icon of Polish handball – Michał Jurecki. His stubbornness, will to fight and desire to achieve the highest goals, is an inspiration for many young enthusiasts of handball.

Do you have your idol?

In childhood, I always wanted to be like my brother. He did everything as the first: started to play handball, left Kościan to play in a professional team, played in the national team, went to Germany. He has always been my idol on which I modelled myself. In addition to him, I admired the Swede – Magnus Wislander. These were the two people that I was always staring at in my childhood.

Now you can feel like a brother. Currently, you are the idol for many young handball adepts. What feelings do you have while being aware that hundreds and even thousands of kids follow you?

It is very nice to me. I am glad that my game raises such feelings in young adepts of handball. Because of that I organise MJs Camp with Mateusz Jachlewski. We want children to learn how they should play handball. At the same time, handball will still be developed in our country. We want above all to improve the training aspects.

You are the trainer in your camps. What values would you like to pass to your students?

Certainly, they must remember that they have to train hard. Nobody is born to enter the pitch just like that, take the ball in the hand and suddenly start to play at a high level. Hard work is something that is very important at the beginning. Of course, if there are any failures, it is normal. Nobody is born to win constantly and constantly score ten goals in each match. There are always weaker moments and this is normal, but you have to deal with it. The most important thing is to realise that this is sport and things like that can happen. I had many matches in my career where something did not work out, the team was losing, but I always try to get out of it, looking at everything positively.

Polish captain, Magda Więckowska admitted in one of the interviews, that you are her idol and she would like to play like you at the championship.

At the beginning, I would not like to put pressure on her as well as on the whole team. These girls are only eighteen years old. They still learn. They should gain experience in such events. In my opinion, in case of young handball players, including girls from our representation, the result is not important. The most important thing is that in a year or two they could enter the strongest class of games in Poland and could already play there. At an early age, they should learn. If there are any results, achievements, that’s great! They should be happy about it, but the most important should be the training, which will make girls enter seniors’ age, playing at a high level.

In your opinion who will win the Championship?

I wish it was a Polish representation. I hope that Polish team will reach the podium.

Karolina Zielonka

photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP