On Saturday evening in the Hall Legionow we watched one of the most exciting games of the whole tournament. Proof? Until the 57th minute, none of the teams have achieved bigger advantage than two goals! In the end, however, Croatian girls saved the cold blood and won 24:18.

Both teams before the game had two points on the account: the Croatians defeated Egypt (31:24), and the Swedes Chile (31:19). In addition, both teams suffered defeats with Hungary and Denmark. Assuming victories over lower-ranked rivals, theoretically, the stake of the match was the third place in the group.

Sweden started better. After two quick goals the result was 2:0. However, it took only seven minutes to led to the draw by Croatia (3:3). Then the game was in the rhythm of goal for the goal, both teams focused on defense in what goalkeepers of both teams helped. The result is a minimal advantage of the Swedes and a very low score after the first part of the game, in which a greater difference than two goals in favor of one of the teams was not recorded (10:9).

In the second half the Croatian girls took over the initiative, but except of it nothing has changed in the game image – the result was still in equal. Even despite Cornelia Dahlstrom’s red card. We had to wait for the conclusion until the 57th minute. At that time, for the first time, the Croatians gained three goals advantage. After that they quickly added three more goals and could enjoy the win (24:18). The Swedes did not score from 18:18 on the 48th minute.

CROATIA – SWEDEN 24:18 (9:10)

CROATIA: Marinović, Pokopac – Barisić 6, Malec 7, Ivanda 2, Popović 1, Guskić 2, Vucić, Rubić 1, Vidaković, Petika 1, Vojnović 1, Kaselj, Barbir, Miholić 3, Humel.

SWEDEN: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm 2, Cardell, Moreno 4, Wahlstrom, Wallenberg, Sandberg 1, Dahlstrom 1, Jarvin 1, Dano 1, Sjostrand Hallman 3, Schelin, Andersson 5, Dahlberg

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Goran Bobić, head coach of Croatia: We made that difference in the last five minutes. It was a very tough match, a lot emotions were out there, it was also very important match for both teams, because the second stage of the tournament is coming. I’m very happy, because I see my girls are growing during the championshiops. I hope it will be continued. Now we want to win against Chile and then in the final stage who knows what will happen. This is only one game. Due to it you can make miracles even being weaker team.

Niklas Harris, head coach of Sweden: It was a very square match until the last 10 minutes. We missed five penalties, that was decisive. That says it all I think. Now we target in being promoted from the group. It must be our way.