The duel, which ended the Sunday struggles in Group C, was very tight and balanced. Thanks to a good end, Argentina defeated China.

It was very important game for both teams, the stake was first point in the tournament. The beginning of the match was very even, no one managed to build  bigger advantage, and the leader changed few times. When first half ended fans gathered in Politechnika Hall saw the draw on the scoreboard 11:11.

Goal for the goal – this was the beginning of the second half. The match was so fierce and even if Argentina managed to jump on two goals, the Chinese quickly made up for loss.  Such a scenario was repeated several times. Eventually, five minutes before the end Argentina built an advantage that gave them victory.

Argentina – China 26:23 (11:11)

Argentina: Bohner, Garrido – Prado, Viviers 1, Bono 8, Cavo 7, Rios, Rivero, Peletay Ritacco, Villarrazza, Irribarria, Vazquez 1,  Azucne 1, Ballada 6, Baggio, Cuccuini 2

China: Song, Zou – Huang 2, Liu 1, Zhu J., Chen 2, Tang 4, Lian, Zhu M. 3, Zhou 11, Wang, Sun Mingyue, Sun Miaomiao, Li, Doi, Dong


Gisele Pintos (head coach of Argentina): – We are very happy, because we know that we had to win today against China. The difference was that we attacked very slow and then fast, so it was the best game rhythm. If we played like China quickly we would have so many mistakes. We stopped the ball, then we attacked easily, we had good tactic in the first line. We did a good job today. The players were concentrated so we gave proud for Argentina.

about Kielce: This is really a city of sports. I saw many stadiums and sport areas. Kielce is different from other european cities. It’s special and beautiful, great place to visit.

Bin Zhang (head coach of China) The defense is still not perfect and that could be the cause that we lost today and can be potential issue in the subsequent games.

Mengxue Zhou (players of China): Nie wykonałyśmy instrukcji przedmeczowy instruckji trenera. Nasza gra w obroni nie była najlepsza . Musimy przeanalizować naszą grę i wyciągnąć odpowiednie wnioski. Będziemy starały się jak najlepiej przygotować do kolejnego meczu.