Not without problems but representatives of Norway achieved fourth win during World Championship.

The beginning of the meeting didn’t portend emotions – handball players from Norway scored a much better opening and after a while they led 4: 1. Then a bit of chaos crept into their  ranks, and the Japanese quickly began to make up for losses. Handballers from Scandinavia made mistakes in the attack and lost balls, and the Asian had several fastbreakes. This approach was successful and  and after a while they turned out to be the leader.

After seventeen minutes of the game, the Japanese have already led by five goals, and the Norwegians couldn’t  improve their effectiveness in the offensive. In the last minutes of the first half Asian girls started to get confused and the game turned out to be very even again.

After the break Kunt Ove Joa’s players played  much better game and this was quickly reflected in the result. Norwegians quickly jumped on five goals and later controlled the result calmly. Japanese  were very fast, they ran a lot and made a lot of confusion in defense, but physical conditions didn’t allow them to oppose the strong second line of thier rivals.

JAPAN – NORWAY 23:29 (13:14)

Japan: Kakizoe, Sakaki – Hashiguchi, Tsujino 1, Abe 3, Ito 5, Hattori, Yasuda, Okada 3, Hirano 3, Tanifuji 4, Kurebay 1, Emoto, Ujimura, Moriya 1, Ueda 2

Norway: Skogrand 1, Finneide – Oyerhamn 1, Hove 1, Kjolholdt 3, Deila T. 3, Svele 2, Deila L. 5, Figenschau 1, Morch 3, Novak 2, Hansen 4, Sendi 1, Arnesen 2


Knut Ove Joa, head coach of Norway: This match was a challenge for us and I think that is very good. Japan played very well so we had to work hard.