Monday will be a decisive day at the Youth World Women’s Championships. This is the last stage of the group phase in which the issues of promotion and the final classification of teams before entering the knockout phase will be decided. Nothing is lost yet, and as the events of the past days have shown, everything can happen and even in seemingly obvious cases, one can not predict in advance who will win in any match.


Monday in Hall Legionów will opened by the group B matches. Chile will fight against Croatia to be or not to be in the tournament. The team from South America has two points and in order to qualify for the knockout phase, they must win the next two in a duel with the charges of Goran Bobic. Their plans however can quickly be damaged by Sweden. If the team of Three Crowns defeats Egypt two hours later, three teams, Croatia, Sweden and Chile, will have four points, but because of the weak goals statistics, Chile will fall out of the competition anyway. At 14:00 we will have a fight for the first place in the group between Hungary and Denmark. It can be a really great match!

In Group A, the issue of promotion to the next phase is closed. It is already known that the first four places will be taken by the Germans, Romanians, Poles and Austrians, however, it is not known in which order. But at the beginning it’s time for outsiders. Slovakia – a team with great potential, but lack of luck and stability of the game – will face the unpredictable equipe, that was getting better and better each next match and yesterday finally drew with Romania. For players of Rasmus Poulsen, a clash with Angola will be an excellent attempt to play against the seemingly chaotic African tactics that will result in future experience. The next two fights will determine the final order of teams in group A. At 18:00 Poland and Austria will play for the third place and at 20:00 the Germans and Rumanians will compete for the leader’s seat. This will be an extremely interesting day!


16:00 ANG – SVK

18:00 POL – AUT

20:00 GER – ROU


10:00 CHI – CRO

12:00 EGY – SWE

14:00 HUN – DEN


Day in the Politechnika Hall will start with duel between handballers from Montenegro and Kazakhstan. Although players from Balkans got only one point, they still have a lot to fight for. It’s true that not everything depends on them, but a high victory can give them a fourth place in the group. There are two conditions – Spain would have to lose very high, and Montenegro would literally outrun their rivals. In the direct match between these teams was a draw, but Spaniards have plus 13 goals and Bojana Popovic’s team have minus 21 goals.

There will be also an interesting fight between Spain and Tunisia. Handballers from Africa have already achieved a historical result and for the first time got to the ⅛ finals of the Youth World Championships. – The fact that we will fight for the third place in the group means a lot to us. It is a huge challenge, but it is the whole essence of handball – said Yessine Arfa.

The topping out of the competition will be the duel between France and Korea, which will decide the fate of the first place in the group. This will certainly be the most difficult game and first real test for both teams.

Also interesting will be the rivalisation in the group C. Netherlands should not have many problems to beat Argentina, but these motivated by victory with China may surprise.

The China will certainly want to take revenge on the Japan for last year’s Asian Championships. If they win and the Argentines lose to the Netherlands, three teams will have two points each.

However, the most emotions should be brought by the match between  Norway and Russia, which will decide who will get the first place in group C.


16:00 NED – ARG

18:00 JPN – CHN

20:00 NOR – RUS


10:00 KAZ – MNE

12:00 ESP – TUN

14:00 KOR – FRA


Hala Legionów – ul. Leszka Drogosza 2, 25-093 Kielce

Hala Politechniki Świętokrzyskiej – al. Tysiąclecia Państwa Polskiego 7, 25-314 Kielce

Magda Pluszewska, Aneta Szypnicka

photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP