The match at the top of group B promised to be extremely interesting. Both teams won previous matches and the first place was to be dealt with in a direct battle. Denmark was playing close to Hungary only in the first half. Already in the second part, thanks to a great disposition of the goalkeeper-Dora Szabo, Hungary built the advantage and won 28:25. Thanks to this triumph, Magarys took first place in group B.

As befits the match of candidates for the medals, from the first minute of the match the girls played a balanced competition. When in the sixth minute Hungary came out on a two-goal lead, they began to make mistakes that Denmark used. After a while, Anna Wierzba threw a fantastic goal from distance and gave the Scandinavians lead 5:6. They did not enjoy it for long, just a few seconds. The first half was one big race. Hungary scored a goal, and after a while, Denmark compensated it. Such a pursuit lasted until the twentieth minute. Then the roles turned around. Only in the twenty-seventh minute, after the incredible “bomb” scored by Tamara Pal, Magyars came out on the lead. Of course not for long. In the last seconds of the first half, Anna Kristensen defended the throw of the Hungarian then Naja Frokjaer-Jensen used the quick counter that set the score 14:14.

In the second half, the heroine was Dora Szabo, a Hungarian goalkeeper. She defended three throws in a row, thanks to which her friends in the offensive could build an advantage. And so they did. In the 42nd minute, Tamara Pal used the quick counterattack which gave the five-goal lead for Magarys. In the forty-fifth minute, the goalkeepers of both teams defended a few balls, but none of the teams could use the quick counter. There was nervousness on the pitch. The team of Hungary broke it. Denmark all the time tried to lead even to a draw, but it was effectively prevented by Dora Szabo, who ended the match with 36 per cent defence effectiveness. After sixty minutes, the team from Europe could enjoy the triumph.

HUNGARY-DENMARK 28:25 (14:14) 

HUNGARY: Magera, Herczeg, Szabo – Albek, Schatzl  Simon 2, Vamos 5, Varga 2, Kellermann, Arany, Pal 7, Kuczora 6, Szilovics, Borgyos , Banfai 5, Toth 1.

DENMARK: Askvist, Kristensen, Jensen – Gamys, Hedegaard 1, Klostermann, Theil 3, Frokjaer-Jensen 2, Steffensen 3, Laursen 3, Moller 5, Hansen C. 1, Wierzba 2, Faartoft 2, Hansen A. 2, Halilcevic 1.



Flemming Dam Larsen, head coach of Denmark: We lost because we played against a very good team. The first half which we played today was the best in this tournament. So, I’m very happy about it. In the second half, we made too many mistakes in a period of ten minutes. If you play against the fantastic team as Hungary, you must play well all the time. But, in the end, I’m satisfied that we scored only three goals less than Hungary because it is a very strong team.


Karolina Zielonka