First win during IHF Youth U18 Women’s World Championship for Montenegro

Players from Montenegro quickly built an advantage of 3-4 goals. From that moment the game got even, Kazakhstan didn’t give rivals opportunity to increase the advantage, but it didn’t make up for losses either . Milica Raicević played very good first half, Montenegro’s representative scored seven goals and her team won this part of the match 16:12.

After the break, the image of the game didn’t change and the Montenegrins continued to maintain a safe advantage. In order to promote them, they would have to win high and hope that Spain will make a significant defeat. Montenegro finally won 29:24 and it was her first triumph in this tournament.

Kazakhstan – Montenegro 24:29 (12:16)

Kazakhstan: Aitmagambetova, Zhanibekkyzy – Stepanova 8, Syzdykova 4, Zhaparova 7, Malysheva, Murzagul 1, Khamitova 1, Kirillova, Karymsak 1, Pernebek, Seitkassym, Iskakova 2

Montenegro: Babović, Pandurević – Hetemi, Beharović, Bozović 4, Radović 3, Globarević 2, Popović, Djukić, Corović, Godec 3, Dzaferović Ka. 5, Vukcevic 1, Raicevic 8, Dzaferović Ks, Knezevic 3


Bojana Popović (head coach of Montenegro): It was difficult to wake up my players but in the end we got first two points in the tournament. It is good to have this feeling but I’m not satisfied. I don’t accept how they played in the defense. I think that they lose some self confidence after the match with Tunisia. I think that we had strong group, with top-teams. We use this tournament to gain experience and learn from different teams.

Berik Beknazarov (head coach of Kazakhstan): After five matches I can say that this one today, was our best.