After a really good game Spain won with Tunisia 29:22. 

The stake of Spain – Tunisia match  was the third place in group D. The team from Africa has already achieved historic success in the Youth World Championships and now every new match is a new challenge for them.

Players from Europe definitely started this duel better. The Spanish women had very good opening – after just seven minutes they led 6: 1. In the initial part of the match Tunisians committed a lot of mistakes in the attack, and their rivals perfectly used it by leading out rapid fastbreakes.

Alfredo Rodriguez’s players played with ups and downs – after a great start their effectiveness dropped slightly, and the Tunisians began to make up for losses. However, they didn’t manage to lead to a tie, and before the break the Spanish jumped again.

In the second half, handball players from the Iberian Peninsula quickly increased their advantage, and later they controlled it without major problems. The Tunisians played very ambitious, but the rivals were too strong.

SPAIN – TUNISIA 29:22 (17:10)

Spain: Wiggins, Suarez Martinez-Gandia – Palomo 2, Fernandez-Agusti 3, Sobrepera, Spugnini, Vallina 2, Morales 1, Martinez 4, Moles 2 Mendez 2, Arcos 4, Diaz 2, Capdevilla 4, Loidi 2, Quevedo

Tunisia: Naoui, Reguigui – Mhadhbi, Maaref, Eloui, Aouij 5, Yaacoub 1, Chabbi, Bouchalghouma 2, Zalfani 9, Arifa, Chandarli, Masri 1, Ayachi 2, Azri 2


Alfredo Rodriguez, head coach of Spain: We tried to control their best player No. 8 Aouij Fadwa. We have third place in our group and we are happy. We competed at the same level as France and Korea. Now we would like to focus on our next match.  

Yessine Arfa, director of Tunisia: We are here to learn and that match was all about that. Our second half was a bit better but it wasn’t enough to win this duel. As far as organisation side of this tournament is concerned I personally think that it is perfect. Accommodation, transport, really every aspect. Everyone we met were kind for us I want to thanks everybody who made us feel that way.

Aneta Szypnicka, photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP