After first half it was Norway that led but after the break Spain played incredible game and got into best eight.

Great defense and incredible goalkeeper’s parade’s – this was the beginning of this duel. Norwegian started to built their slight advantage as first, after twenty minutes  they led 7: 4. Later, the picture of the game didn’t change – in the whole first half both teams threw together only sixteen goals, and no one managed to cross the barrier of ten goals.

The game accelerated after the break, and  Spain quickly led to a draw, and the moment later they even were leading. Handballers from the Iberian Peninsula jumped on three goals! Norway coach tried to reverse the fate of the match and took time, after that Norway lost only by one goal. The end of the game was very fierce and exciting. The coach of Norway asked for time again  40 seconds before the end of the match with a one goal by the Spanish. They failed to score, that was 16 seconds before the finish. The Spanish women carried out a successful action, won and advanced to the quarterfinals!

Spain – Norway 20:18 (7:9)

Spain: Wiggins, Suarez Martinez-Gandia – Palomo 2, Fernandez-Agusti 4, Sobrepera 6, Spugnini 3, Vallina, Morales 1, Martinez 3, Moles, Mendez, Arcos, Diaz, Capdevilla, Loidi 1, Quevedo.

Spain: Skogrand, Finneide – Oyerhamn 2, Hove 1, Kjolholdt 3, Deila T., Svele 3, Deila L. 1, Figenschau, Morch 1, Novak 3, Hansen, Sendi 1, Arnesen 2.

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Alfredo Rodriguez Alvarez (head coach of Spain):  I can’t express my happiness right now because Norway is one of the best team of this generation. This is the first time that this generation of players won against Norway in official match. We feel fantastic.

Knut Ove Joa (head coach of Norway): We have really good team, we gained experience and now we have to develop.