The Chinese women won their first victory at the Youth World Championships. In the President’s Cup, they defeated Kazakhstan team 27:25.

Although they didn’t manage to leave the group, they still have a lot to fight for. The President’s Cup is for some teams a great opportunity to consider taking part in the tournament as successful experience despite the previous defeats. In Politechnika Hall in the first match of these games, handball players from China and Kazakhstan competed with each other.

From the beginning of the match,Chinese obtained  a slight advantage, although Kazakhstan managed to lead to a tie. Even in the 23rd minute there was a draw 9:9 on the scoreboard , but the end of the first half definitely belonged to the players of Bino Zhang.

China’s representatives were much faster and above all more effective. Handballers from Kazakhstan had considerable problems with finishing  their actions.

In the second half they did everything to catch up their opponents – at some point the Chinese women even beal by eight goals, but Kazakhstan ambitiously tried to minimize losses. They managed to reduce the opponents’ advantage to four goals, and later both teams recorded a considerable downtime. Berik Beknazarov players schook off quicker and after w while their losses melted to two goals. However, in the end it is China that can now enjoy victory.

CHINA – KAZAKHSTAN  27:25 (15:10)

China: Song, Zou –  Huang, Liu, Zhu J., Chen, Tang 6, Lian 2, Zhu M. 2, Zhou 12, Wang, Sun Mingyue 2, Sun Miaomiao, Li, Doi, Dong 3

Kazakhstan: Aitmagambetova, Zhanibekkyzy – Stepanova 6, Syzdykova 7, Zhaparova 4, Malysheva 2, Murzagul, Khamitova, Kirillova, Karymsak, Tolykbay, Pernebek 3, Seitkassym, Iskakova 3


Bin Zhang, head coach of China: Winning this game was not easy. Tomorrow it will be also a challenge for us because Angola is one of the best team of Africa and we have never met them before. We want to prepare well for this upcoming match. Based on the conclusion from preliminary round, we will focus on fastbreaks and we also want to strengthen our defense, because we had analized key players of Angola. We will try to do our best.