Great second half and win for Argentina in President’s Cup

In the first part of the match there weren’t too many goals. Montenegrins scored for the first time after seven minutes when Argentina already led 3: 1. In turn, after 20 minutes of the game there was a draw 5: 5. Both teams played well in defense, the goalkeepers also did excellent job. Later Argentinas jumped up to two goals, but the end of this half of the match belonged to the players from Europe and they were leading before the break

Montenegrins fantastically entered the second half. It was  impossible to go through their defense, they were also effective in attack. In the first ten minutes they didn’t lose any goal while scoring  five. Argentinians had problems and started to play weaker. Later Montenegrins only controlled the fields events and won high.

Argentina – Montenegro 15:25 (8:10) 

Argentina: Bohner, Garrido – Prado, Viviers 2, Bono 5, Cavo, Rios, Rivero, Pelatay Ritacco 1, Irribarria 1, Vazquez 1, Azcune 2, Ballada, Baggio, Cuccuini

Montenegro: Babović, Pandurević – Hetemi, Beharović, Bozović 2, Radović 1, Globarević, Popović, Djukić 1, Corović, Godec, Dzaferović Ka. 5, Vukcevic 5, Raicevic 1, Dzaferović Ks. 2, Knezevic 5


Bojana Popović (head coach of Montenegro): I know what my team can do and during the break I tried to wake up this things. Sometimes it’s working and it last five minutes, ten minutes or whole half. We want to make this last whole match and we will be working on that.

Gisele Pintos (head coach of Argentina): Our struggles with European teams are always difficult because they are more experience. During the second half we didn’t shoot any goals behind 9 meters line.