Nobody expected it! So far unbeaten Rumania have lost with Sweden (20:22) and will not play for medals! The Swedes are already waiting for the quarterfinals with the Netherlands.

It was the second edition of the group A rivalry with group B. This time the winner of the first of them – Romania – was facing the fourth team of group B, Sweden. Romania from the very first minutes did not want to leave a shadow of doubt who is a better team – they started very concentrated, Diana Ciuca was doing well in the goal, so in the first ten minutes she only once had to took the ball from her net. Her friends from the attack had already scored six goals. Such advantage of players from the Black Sea maintained until the close of the first half, which ended with a five-goal lead of Romania (15:10). Nothing indicated that something would change after the break.

However, after the change of sides, we have seen wholly different Swedish team on the court. Scandinavians scored four goals in a row (15:14, 42. min) and caught contact with rivals. Seven minutes later they led to a draw (17:17) and for another 180 seconds they were already in the lead (19:18). The team of the Three Crowns impressed with prowess and hard defense. Romania throughout the second half scored only five goals! In the end, unexpectedly, the Swedes beat the favorites from Romania 22:20.

ROMANIA – SWEDEN 20:22 (15:10)

ROMANIA: Ciuca, Chetraru – Balaceanu 3, Cace 7, Coman, Popa 4, Barabas, Valcan, Marin 2, Tarsoaga, Jipa, Moraru, Stamin, Ilie 3, Pica, Lascateu 1

SWEDEN: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm, Cardell, Moreno 2, Wahlstrom, Wallenberg 1, Sandberg 2, Dahlstrom 2, Jarvin 1, Dano 1, Sjostrand Hallman 4, Schelin, Andersson 8, Dahlberg 1.

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Niklas Harris, coach of Sweden team: I’m very happy now! In second half we had superb defence and today 30 minutes was enough for us to win! I can’t wait for tommorow quarter-final. That’s wonderful.