In match for the 15th place in the world championship, Austria beat Tunisia.

From the beginning of the match, the Austrians played better than their rivals. The difference was evident especially in defense, because the Tunisians had huge problems with scoring The stake of this game was 15th place in the general classification of the World Championship. After the first half Austria led by difference of seven goals.

Team from Europe also maintained a safe lead after the break. Tunisians have tried to put the gap down, they tried high defense. However, this didn’t bring positive results. Austria won the 15th place at the championships, and Tunisia took the 16th place.

Austria – Tunisia 32:25 (19:12)

Austria: Ivancok, Krenn – Martinovic, Fehringer, Neidahrt 8, Draguljic 5, Reichert 1, Kofler 2, Dramac 4, Spalt 4, Pandza 7, Marksteiner, Matosevic, Kerestely 1, Schlegel

Tunisia: Naoui, Reguigui – Mhadhbi, Maaref 1, Eloui, Aouij 8, Yaacoub, Chabbi 3, Bouchalghouma 1, Zalfani 6, Arifa, Chandarli, Masri 1, Ayachi 3, Azri 2.

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Helfried Müller (head coach of Austria): It was really good experience for us to play against african team, because they have totally different style. It’s good to end tournament with win.

Moez Ben Amor (head coach of Tunisia): Tunisia At the end of the tournament, after nine match-days all of our players were really tired. We are very happy that we’ve passed thorugh preliminary round. From organisation side it’s the best tournament I have ever seen. Also the level that teams represent increase from edition to edition.