The players of Beata Bohus surely won against Spain. The duel was quite equal only during first thirty minutes, in the second half Hungary scored six goals in a row what determined the final score.

HUNGARY – SPAIN 33:20 (14:11)

Hunagrian side started with a 3:0 advantage. After an initial infirmity during first few minutes, Spaniards started to play as the strong stimulus was given by their goalkeeper Ines Suarez Martinez-Gandia. After the third counterattack in a row, used by Paula Arcos Poveda thanks to another good intervention of the goalkeeper, the charges of Alfredo Rodriguez Alvarez equalized the score 6:6. A mment later they took a minimal lead and since that moment these were they who called the shots.

In 22th minute Hungarian side managed to outdo the Spanish side and took the lead 11:10. They could even extend it to three goals, but twice on their way tot he goal stood Suarez Martinez-Gandia again. Finally they managed to score a goal in counterattack three minutes before the break. It was 12:10 and after a moment they scored again by putting a ball into an empty Spanish goal. Finally, after some more actions and thrity minutes of the game, the Hungarian side was leading 14:11.

After the break Hungarian side geared up and left their rivals far far away behind, leading 20:11. Spaniards only after nine minutes managed to score the first goal oft he second half. After stealing the ball in next action, they scored once again into the empty goal and it was obvious that they still didn’t give up. They stepped up with their defensive line, following their rivals like shadows.

Hungarian side however totally dominated their rivals and 10 minutes before the final whistle they were leading 26:16. Even though the Spaniards were still fighting, Hungarian side was much better in each element and deservedly got promotion to semi-final, winning 33:20.

Magda Pluszewska

photo credit: PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP

HUNGARY: Magera, Herczeg, Szabó – Albek, Schatzl, Simon, Vamos, Varga, Kellermann, Arany, Pal, Kuczora, Borgyos, Banfai, Toth, Kacsor

SPAIN: Suarez Martinez-Gandia, Wiggins Sancho – Palomo Pineda, Fernandez-Agusti Martinez Gand, Sobrepera Casol, Spugnini Santome, Vallina Guerra, Morales Rodriguez, Martinez Ruiz, Moles Lopez, Mendez Garcia, Arcos Poveda, Diaz Ventas, Capdevilla Barbany, Loidi Etxaniz, Quevedo Padron

Peter Dr. Woth, assistant coach of Hungary: In the first half we were searching for weak points of Spain and we found them! We didn’t leave a lot of place between our defenders and we had a good goalkeeper and we used fast breaks. We are happy about reaching the best four teams of the world but we are athletes so we still want to win each next game.

Alfredo Rodriguez Alvarez, head coach of Spain: Thirty three goals lost is a very big number, usually we were losing around 24, 25. Our defensive system didn’t work. Hungary however, had a very good defense and a very good goalkeeper. We did technical and tactical mistakes. Judging the whole tournament, I think we have a great championship and we went further that I thought we would.