Thanks to the victory over Japan (22:19), Polish team ends the tournament in 13th place. This is the fourth victory of Polish girls on the championships in Kielce.

Both teams suffered defeat the previous day: the Polish girls on Wednesday lost against Denmark (20:30), and the Japanese in the Asian battle turned out to be worse than Korea (30:36). The stake of the Polish-Japanese meeting was the 13th place at the tournament. Coach Agnieszka Truszyńska decided in the last match at the tournament to give Paulina Stapurewicz a chance, who replaced Aleksandra Olek.

Polish girls started better. After four minutes, they led 3:1. Focused, they set the rhythm of the meeting. A great match was played by Lucyna Sobecka, after twenty minutes she had already scored six times, thanks to which the result was 11:7 in favor of Poland. Sobecka with 10 goals was awarded with MVP title after the match. Hosts in the further part of the first part seemed to control the game and, eventually, won the first half by 12 to 10.

After the brake Polish team continued its good game and kept the lead. This state maintained to the last quarter of the game. Japan significantly increased the tempo then and in result they led to a draw despite five-goal loss (18:18, 52nd minute). Polish girls, however, withstood the pressure and in the end proved to be better, finally winning (22:19).

POLAND – JAPAN 22:19 (12:10)

POLAND: Wdowiak, Zima, Chodakowska – Cygan 1, Stanisławczyk 1, Sobecka 10, Więckowska 4, Stapurewicz, Zagrajek 3, Haric, Szczepanik, Dworniczuk, Bury, Borowska 5, Pietras, Kowalik 1

JAPAN: Chiba, Sakaki – Hashiguchi, Tsujino, Abe 6, Ito 5, Hattori, Yasuda, Okada 6, Hirano, Tanifuji 2, Kurebayashi, Emoto, Ujimura, Moriya, Ueda.

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP

Magda Więckowska, captain of national team of Poland: We showed that we fight till the end and we never give up. We would like to thank our coaches and staff and the fans, who supported us in each game. The Asian players are small, fast and very agile, so the pace of the game was really fast, but we did it! During the whole tournament we showed that we are together, one team and we gained a lot of experience.