Sweden played a very good match, defeated the Netherlands and got promotion to the best four of the tournament.

The stake of this game was huge, because it was a fight for the semi-final. The beginning of the match was filled with nervousness and it was clear that the stress was doing their job, caused a lot of mistakes, inaccurate throws and passes. The Swedes calmed  the emotions faster and after just fifteen minutes led by two goals.In the next minutes the meeting got even, and the Dutch women even had several opportunities to make a draw. This didn’t happen – it is said that unused actions take revenge – and so it was in this case. At 180 seconds before the end, the Swedes jumped on four goals. The situation tried to save the coach of the Netherlands team, who asked for time. This, however, didn’t changed the fate of this part of the game.

After the break, Sweden controlled the result. The Netherlands tried to fight for a good result and repeat what they did the day before in the 1/8 finals. However, this time they didn’t have luck, wasted several penalties goals and committed a lot of simple mistakes. As a result in 45th minute  Sweden were winning 20:13. Handballers from Scandinavia developed their advantage and didn’t let it go. After the final siren they could enjoy the promotion to the semi-final!

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP

Netherlands – Sweden 17:27 (9:13)

Netherlands: van der Linden, Trooster – van der Vliet, de Boer 2, van der Baan 3, N. Krullaars 5, Amsen, Tutert, Dekker 2, Z. Krullaars, van Diepen 1, Hilbrands, van der Geest, Sprengers 1, Theron, Nusser 3.

Sweden: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm, Cardell 2, Moreno 1, Wahlstrom, Wallenberg 3, Sandberg 4, Dahlstrom 4, Jarvin 1, Dano 2, Sjostrand Hallman 1, Schelin, Andersson 7, Dahlberg 2.


Ricardo Clarijs (head coach of Netherlands): It wasn’t our day. We had lack of energy, their goalkeeper was really good, we had some bad luck with hitting the posts, and missing seven meters. I guess they deserved to win it wasn’t our day.  My team developed many things during this tournament, I’m really proud of them because they always keep fighting until the very end and so do today. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but at the end of the day I’m very glad because of how we work as a team.

Niklas Harris (head coach of Sweden): I think that we played wonderful in the defense, we only let them score seventeen goals and that is amazing. We were fighting very very hard to got players from Holland to the shooting areas where we wanted them to be and then we could do the turnovers and scored goals.