To get a better out of the pair Netherlands – Denmark it was necessary to play penalties! After a very thrilling match, Denmark turned out to be better (31:29).

Both teams came to Kielce with aim to fight for medals. However, In the quarter-finals Netherlands unexpectedly lost agains Sweden 17:27, Denmark in the hit of 1/4 finals defeated to Russia 25:29. As a result, they were fighting for the fifth place in the tournament.

There was the Netherlands team that started better. After five minutes they led 3:1. Denamrk quickly equalized the state of the match. The clash was focused on defense. The first fifteen minutes of the game is an extremely low result 4:4. Both goalkeepers were ni a very good shape – Laura Askvist and Danique Trooster. After a while, it seemed that Denamrk took the initiative, they led 9:7. The end of the first half, however, again belonged to Netherlands, so when changing sides, the scoreboard showed a draw (10:10).

In the second half, the game was in the rhythm of goal for the goal, although it was the team from the Jutland that maintained the one or two-goal lead. Until the next status quo, Netherlands team managed to lead only after the third quarter of the game (21:21). What’s more, right after that they were back at the lead! Nikita van der Vliet, scoring the seventh goal in the match (she finally scored 9 and got the title of MVP among Oranjes) bring to result 22:21. Netherlands team has achieved three goals advantage (26:23, 56 minutes), but Denmark managed to get back into the game! We had a 26:26 draw 60 seconds before the end. From that time both teams added one more goal! So, then came penalties (27:27)!

Eventually, the Denmark team turned out to be better. And it is the team of Feemming Larsen who will face Germany in the match for 5th place at the Kielce World Championships on Sunday. Netherlands will play against Spain for the 7th place.


NETHERLANDS: van der Linden, Trooster – van der Vliet 9, de Boer, van der Baan 1, N. Krullaars 8, Amsen 2, Tutert, Dekker 2, Z. Krullaars 1, van Diepen 1, Hilbrands 1, van der Geest, Sprengers 4, Theron

DENMARK: Askvist, Krtistensen – Gamys, Hedegaard 5, Klostermann, Theil 2, Frokjaer-Jensen 1, Steffensen 9, Laursen, Moller 4, Hansen 1, Wierzba 3, Faartoft 3, Jensen, Hansen 1, Halilcevic 2.

Maciej Szarek, fot. PRESSFOCUS/ZPRP


Ricardo Clarijs, head coach of the Netherlands team: It was a fighting game. Both teams were on equal level. Denmark has big power though. At the end of the game, I thought that we really could win, when the score was 26:23 for us. But we don’t have enough experience and discipline yet. And penalties are always a lottery. Denmark has got really good goalkeepers and because of that they won.