In the first Saturday match against each other stood the representation of Spain and Germany. The favorite of our match was Germany who managed this assumption and achieved a certain victory.

The match from the two-goal lead started the Spanish. The Germans equalized in the fifth minute, and after a while, we saw the score 2: 4. Then the girls from the Iberian Peninsula used a penalty throw and their goalkeeper Nicole Wiggins Sancho walled up the goal. First, she defended the throw from attack and then the seventh meter. Thanks to this, they came out for the lead. However, it did not last long, because on the other side of the pitch it was also well-defended goal by the German – Charley Zenner. After her interventions, we saw the drew 8: 8. Then the Spaniards began to make mistakes in the attack, did not hit the goal, and in the defence they easily let the opponents throw throws. The end of the first half was a wave of mistakes made by both teams. For almost five minutes, no team scored a goal.

In the second part of the match, the German advantage only melted for the moment. Ten minutes before the end of the match, to reach nine goals. The Spanish women made very easy mistakes in the attack, and Charley Zenner was an additional obstacle for them. Despite the high defence of the charges of Alfred Rodriguez, the Germans were scoring goals consistently and ended the match by 20:24.

SPAIN-GERMANY 20:24 (9:11)

SPAIN: Wiggins, Suarez Martinez-Gandia – Palomo 2, Fernandez-Agusti 3, Sobrepera 7, Spugnini, Vallina, Morales, Martinez, Moles 3, Mendez, Arcos 3, Diaz, Capdevilla, Loidi 1, Quevedo 1.

GERMANY: Zenner, Waldenmaier – Uhlmann 3,Hausherr, Kockel 1, Weise 7, Andreas 3, Muehlner 1, Quist 2, Von Pereira 3, Agwunedu, Wulf, Neubrander 1, Golla 1, Michalczik 1, Bleckmann 1.



Alfredo Rodriguez Alvarez, head coach of Spain: Firstly, congratulation to Germany because I think that they made a good job, played a fantastic game. We tried to improve our game in defence. Unfortunately, we made a lot of mistakes in the attack. When you were playing against the world championship, you can’t do many mistakes.

Julia Weise, player from Germany: It was a good tournament for us despite we did not reach medal zone. We wanted to play for medals, but still fighting for 5th place is okay. Today it was a good match also, for me especially. After tommorow we will have one week break, some free time, but then again trainings.

Karolina Zielonka