Representation of Russia beat Sweden and advanced to the final!

In the second semi-final a representation of Russia and Sweden stood against each other. The Russian women have won all the matches so far, and in the quarterfinals they beat Denmark in a fantastic finish. The Swedes, on the other hand, left the group from the  last place, but that didn’t prevent them from defeating Romania in the 1/8 finals, and in the quarter-finals to beat the Netherlands by a difference of ten goals.

The Sweden coach asked for time in the 4th minute. It wasn’t a surprise because his team started this match weakly and were losing 1: 4. From then on, the advantage of the Russians wasn’t increasing any more, but handballers from Sweden weren’t able to reduce their losses. Russia controlled the field events all the time and led the 17: 13 after the first half

After the break the picture of the game hasn’t changed. Russia still had 3-4 goals advantage. Liubov Sidorichev’s players were heading to the final. Interestingly, at the U-18 World Championship, which took place two years ago, the Russian women triumphed. However, now we were watching a completely different team. At the end of the match nothing has changed and Russia will play on Sunday in the final!

Sweden – Russia 23:29 (13:17) 

Sweden: Lundahl, Hultberg-Dahlgren, Espling-ek – Alm, Cardell, Moreno 2, Wahlstrom, Wallenberg 1, Sandberg 4, Dahlstrom 1, Jarvin, Dano 5, Sjostrand Hallman, Schelin, Andersson 7, Dahlberg 3

Russia: Kolesnikova 1, Vereshchak, Karabutova – Cherniaeva, Mikhaylichenko 2, Sheina 2, Sinelnikova 1, Krakhmaleva, Turusina, Skivko, Maslova 1, Sidnina, Kirdiasheva 14, Levchina 3, Mukhina, Smirnova 5

Wojciech Staniec, fot. PRESSFOCUS


Niklas Harris (head coach of Sweden): We played against a very good team. They played really well through first ten minutes. We will do everything to prepare for tomorrow’s duel and we will get bronze medal.

Liubov Sidoricheva (head coach of Russia): It was again difficult match for us. It’s difficult now because the girls are tired and we had a lot of matches behind us. We won thanks to the whole team, not the individual players. If one player had less time on the field the previous matches, she played more today and helped us a lot. We haven’t analyzed the game of Hungary yet, but we were at the tournament, where they also played. They are very powerful and it will be a tough fight. Hungary is a strong team and we have an interesting match in the final.